Neuroplasticity teaches that our brains are malleable. Continual learning will help us thrive in life. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is one of those modalities to help us in this process of rewiring our brain.  Working on your EQ requires activating both sides of your brain to link an emotion with a thought. By doing this, you create pathways in your brain to understand why you are feeling an emotion. This literally changes your brain chemistry! The more pathways you connect, the greater capacity you have to deal with anything that comes into your life. It doesn’t make things easier, but you move through the emotions more quickly. An example I love to give is, “I feel like you aren’t listening.” This statement is false for the basic fact that listening is not an emotion, but it’s a common phrase we hear and say! By repeating this over and over again, our brain is still trying to figure out where to categorize this ‘emotion’ which it doesn’t compute! Because the brain is unable to process this misinterpretation, the emotion stays in limbo in our brain, rather than understanding it. If we change the statement to, “I feel rejected because I think you aren’t listening,” this creates the desired neurological pathway to facilitate EQ. 


Introduction to EQ

$55 for a 60min session.
$77 for a 90min session.
$20 per individual if group of at least 3 for 90mins.
Intro to EQ through a card game.

Learn about the basics of how emotions work through Quantum Theory perspective (why some emotions feel better than others).

Intermediate to Advanced EQ

$155 for 60-90min session.
(prerequisite of a series of into EQ sessions)

Work through specific areas in your life that you want to have a breakthrough in, by going through the emotional ladder of that moment.

Find the root of your triggers.
Understand what forgiveness is and how to clear that energy.
Learn emotional breathing meditations.