This is an alternative holistic way to tap into the power of healing yourself. Involves at least two sessions where we focus in on your primary physical and mental struggles.  I then derive a toolkit customized for you including practices and tools which will help heal you.  Some tools would involve mediations, mantras, crystals, essential oils and a custom made mantra healing song.

$300 toolkit package includes

  • Two 60-90 min sessions to discover what your aliments are and how to heal them.

  • A customized document of what your aliments could be associated with in your life.

  • List of specific mantras, crystals and essential oils.


  • Allow me to supply tools for you - $100 - $150 to include the tools

  • A personalized healing affirmation song based on your mantras, used during sleep or meditation in order to heal your subconscious thought patterns - add $111

  • Light Language prayer - add $111