Who am I?


I’m Estairia

Everyone starts out in this world with limitless possibilities and a knowing of being able to do anything. For me, personally, I made decisions in my childhood based on events that happened… and those decisions formed the person I grew up to be.


The past few years I’ve done A LOT of work on myself to change my programming. My intention was and still is to live my life not just from what I know, (which includes my limitations) but from a knowing that I am capable of more than I currently know. It started out by me thinking, “What do I actually believe?” and comparing that to what was I taught to believe by society. This thought process changed my whole view of what I believe of the world. By changing my thoughts, the world around me changed drastically.  For me, the world starts from within my soul and then I project out of my soul to create my reality. This is why the same world we live on can be so different for everyone. 

For me, the world starts from within my soul and then I project out of my soul to create my reality.

So, “Who am I?” is what people usually look for in a biography, and I can give you a logical explanation of who I am by listing off physical traits of this body I posses, like: I’m a Canadian born Korean who identifies as female. I grew up in a Christian home but left religion when I was 19 and never looked back. I’ve never been more spiritual in my life than I am today, and it’s all based on what I believe is always the answer for anything…..Love.  So, if Love is the only thing that is real, I will list things that I love and this will complete my bio.

I love:

  • Myself

  • My wife

  • My dog

  • Caring for my plants at home

  • Saying “Hi” and touching trees

  • Whales

  • Nature

  • Food (seafood, chicken, bizarre food)

  • Mukbangs

  • Taking bubble baths

  • Helping others

  • Collaborating  (helping each other out and making a win/win situation)

  • Learning (student for life)

  • The warmth of a bright sunny day

  • The coolness of a mystical moonlit night

  • Crystals

  • Plant medicines and teachers

  • People