There are certain questions in life that come up for everyone depending where you are in your journey. I'd like to share some that have come up for me and how I came to what's true for me. This may or may not help you with the questions that come up for you but I hope for at least one person out there this can help at least give you some perspective. In no particular order (and i will add as things come up in my life)....

What is my purpose in life?
Ohhhhh that is a question that I don't know if anyone can answer in the same way. What's easy to say is well that's different for everyone and for you to find out...that doesn't help much. So I'd like to share what possibility came to me. I've learned that your life is a journey and you came here on this earth for the sole purpose to learn who you are. So in saying that you will never come to a point in your life where you can say "yesssss I've done it, I've found it!" that is but a moment in your life. So as long as you breath air in your lungs you will always discover what's true for you by being honest with yourself. Do I believe in this? or is it just what I was taught? Do I want to do this? or is it something someone else wants for me and I'm just doing it to please them? When you face yourself and know what is really true for you and what it is you really want to become...everything outside of you doesn't matter. When you put yourself first all those around you will gain from it because we are all meant to shine bright to fulfill ourselves and that looks different for everyone. Best thing to do is to share yourself what's on your mind and see what feedback is given to you by the universe. Everything is always working in  your favour even in the times it may seem like its not. The answers you are looking for are always given to you by the mirror you hold up to the world. Just remember that the mirror is you!

What am I suppose to do with my life?
Well things cleared up for me a lot when someone took that question and just changed it a bit...instead of thinking what am I suppose to do....think about who do you want to become? What kind of person do you want to be? Thinking way you make anything you do into shaping the way you are being for yourself and others.

Isn't there something more to life?
YES there definitely is! We all have this magical super power in us that unfortunately most of us just don't become aware of. Look within. It's a lifelong process and layers are built upon layers but the more you discover the more amazing it is!!!! You are so powerful! and I hope you become aware of that!

Where is my spouse(s)?
Being human we are social animals and so yes we do need others in our lives to share in our moments. But having others around us only add or take away from us. The source of all that you need is all within yourself! Once you realize that everything will fall into place and without even looking you will find that someone that will share your life with you for however long it's meant to last. People will always come and go, you are the only constant in all those interactions so don't give someone else the power to be the source of anything you need be it love, happiness, joy....that's all within you and you are the source of all that for yourself! You are freaking awesome!!

Why does _____ annoy the crap out of me??!?!
Everyone is a mirror in your life. If there is that one someone that just rubs you the wrong way it's because you see yourself in them and it's something you haven't dealt with. Could be because you forgot about it or it scares you or it challenges the very core of who you actually are. All of us have an inner child that is always based from love....pure love and it wants you to take care of it. Meaning you needs to take care of yourself, love yourself, value yourself, forgive yourself. Self love is so vital to finding fulfillment because nothing outside of you gives that to you....you make think or feel that it does but it's something outside of you that you can never control so putting any amount of reliance on it, you are putting the fate of your life in someone else's hands. Know that you have the power to create your life, know that the source of all that you need you already have it!! Look within aka meditate/pray whatever you want to call it....spend some time with yourself and get to know who you are!

Which God is the right God?
I grew up in a Christian home and so God was very much part of my up bringing but I had a fall out and left the church over 20years ago and have never gone back. But today as I write this I can tell you that I've never been more spiritual in my life and my understanding of God has changed. Remember this is what I believe not necessarily what's true for you. For me...all Gods...are the same God. We have the same essence of God and in a way...we are God. How so? Well for me God is LOVE and we as humans were created to be expressions of Love and so many people recognize Love in different ways and so all the different faces that exist in this world is for someone else to see Love the way they want to see it. Because we are examples of Love...we are God...God and Love are the same for me. Each one of us are here as spiritual beings having a human experience!

What is Love?
Love knows no bounds. It heals all. It's the answer to everything. Love is everything. Love has no expectations. We are love!

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