Materiality vs Spirituality

Through out my journey so far in discovering who I am, I've read a lot of books, listened to a lot of audios, attended many seminars, conferences, webinars about personal growth in some way shape or form. I've only heard two leaders so far speak of materiality and spirituality as the same. Now maybe it's just cause I haven't been able to have a one on one sit down with all the authors and speakers I've been exposed too so I don't know that they do or don't see these as the same but I love that I came to this conclusion on my own through all the knowledge I have input. So now that I know this what do I do with it? What is my action??

Well let me explain how I came to this conclusion. In success principals the under lying key to it is to provide a service that will help others and in order to help others people have to want to give you money to help them because they believe you can help. This is the same as being spiritual. If you are living with a lens of love you want to love on people! You want to help people! You want to be used for the greater purpose of what's out there! Call it God, the Universe, the Divine, Source, Mother earth..whatever it is all the same to me. It's all a different way to see and recognize love for how you want to believe it and receive it. I can bring it all down to one word....LOVE!

So with money, I know that I don't have more than enough money right now to be able to give my time freely to those that I choose but I do have enough money to be happy with where my life is at right now. Yes I've struggled with thinking I don't have enough money and that money is hard to make or money is hard to manage and having tons of money are for the lucky people that know how to make it. But my view on money has changed. I love money! Why? Not because it lets me buy whatever I want which can be a good reason in a way depends on your intention but I love money because it gives me choices! It doesn't bring me happiness but it sure does make things easier, you can't deny that. So I'm diving into what I was taught money was and clearing those into what I now truly believe. Part of this is just on a feeling I get when I see money in my bank account or physical cash in my hands! It gives me joy because there are so many possibilities I can do with it if I could freely choose to use it for how I want to use it. Right now yes I do need to be responsible and pay the bills and put food in my belly but I just can't wait till I can use it to give back to the world in an amazing way!

Spiritually, I've never felt so aligned as I have the past two years. I've gone through some really tough times and have been consumed by fear and insecurities but I pushed through and leaned into it to see me come through more of who I truly am. It's amazing to witness how the universe is always working for you so long as you pay attention and trust your compass! What's true for me may not be true for you but that doesn't mean one of us is right and one is wrong. We all have this super power that is waiting to be unleash to be used for the greater good. You have one! I guarantee you do! Find it and let's collaborate to create!

I don't know where I'm going with this but I want to say having money and being spiritual don't go without each other. Embrace both. You deserve both and once you have oh man will you be an unstoppable here on this earth. With that said I don't have to wait till I have the money...I know it's coming and I can start right now to be a warrior of love.

Alyssa QuinneyComment