Qualities in my partner(s)

I put it out in the universe and wrote out a list of qualities I want/need in my partner. And the next day I met my wife! My list has evolved and now it represents myself. How can I want these qualities in my partner if I am not them myself? and now being open to poly I realize this list can be a fit for more than one person. Here is my list:

Big heart - sees the good in everyone and opens my parents eyes to see that love is love

Confident - in all areas of their life, free in all areas of their life 

Open minded - wanting to try everything at least once

Smart - street smart and always reading and enriching their life 

Challenges me - to face my fears and step out of my comfort zone 

Stubborn - never quits 

Funny - makes me roll on the floor laughing 

Thoughtful - pays attention to the little things, knows how to make me smile or what gets me excited!

Big Dreamer - wants to make a difference in this world 

Spunk/sass/scrappy - won't let people walk over them, not a push over

Active - takes care of their physical well being

Grateful - to be living life and not settling for good enough 

Adaptable - dress up, dress down, be a super hero and every day down to earth person

Humble - knows their worth without saying anything and people know it too by the actions of their life

Patient - understands delayed gratification 

Leader - one that walks along the path to guide, not in front 

Amazing infectious smile

Eyes that I get lost in

Someone I can play fight with!

If you fit this list, maybe we should...no wait, "should" is the biggest swear in my vocabulary. So let me start this again...if you fit this list...let's talk!

Alyssa QuinneyComment